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Free Hospice Providers knows that end-of-life is a sacred, yet challenging time for patients, family and friends. Navigating the medical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the final stages of a terminal illness or other condition that leads to this ultimate transition are undoubtedly challenging.

We are here to make this time the most comfortable as possible for patients and their surviving family members, caretakers and friends.

Our Services Are Covered By:

  • Medicare

  • Medi-Cal

  • Licensed by the California Department of Health

  • Member of the California Hospice and Palliative Care Association

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Free Hospice Providers

We understand how important it is to be surrounded by family, friends and remain in familiar surroundings for as long as possible during the end-of-life. We also understand that families of different cultures have different rituals around death and dying and we are sensitive to such distinct personal needs.

Our services spans throughout the United States and our staff is multi-cultural and speaks many –if not most – of the languages prevalent in your area. Our compassionate director and staff have assisted many families of varying nationalities and creeds to make their loved one’s transition as love-infused and pain-minimized as possible.

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Our Vision

At Free Hospice Providers, we strive to remain the provider-of-choice for loving families who desire to provide hospice and palliative care to their cherished loved one. We take great pride in our reputation as


Our Mission

Our mission at Free Hospice Providers is to value human life to its sacred last moments. We provide the highest standard of medical care and compassionate service to ensure that each patient in our care reaches the end-of-life in comfort and dignity, warmly surrounded by love and treated with the utmost of kindness.


Our Values

Every family enjoys its own unique dynamic and approaches end-of-life in their own personal way. We share in the sacredness of life, the respect for dignity and understand that not only patients, but their families, must come first.