We Care Because You Care

We Care
Because You Care

Free Hospice Providers knows that end-of-life is fraught with its own challenges and transitions which is why we strive to provide warm and supportive care at every step of this final journey. We know how important it is for family members to know that their loved one is treated with dignity, patience and loving kindness.


  • Our nursing team is available 24/7

  • We always have a physician on duty to provide medical services

  • We are always available to talk, educate or counsel our patients and their families

  • Our team is your team

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Our Services

Free Hospice Providers’ interdisciplinary team of health care providers, volunteers, mental health professions and spiritual practitioners are dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of each patient by tending to physical, emotional, spiritual and overall well-being of our patients during the time we share together.

As any condition that is life-limiting advances, so do the challenges facing the patient and the family as time marches on. Sometimes it can be difficult to address the medical challenges at hand. To make sure patient and family remain informed, we keep everyone informed of the clinical prognosis in understandable terms, promoting engagement by all stakeholders in the patient’s life to help make decisions during this final passage.


  • Promote physical comfort and quality-of-life

  • Use best medical practices in the management of your loved one’s terminal illness

  • We will procure and administer all needed medication

  • We will supply all medical supplies and equipment specific to your loved one

  • We will keep the family informed and educated

  • Psychological, spiritual and emotional support is always available

It is our honor to take care of your loved one. You can rest assured that we are here to provide the highest quality of care to your loved one, your family and close friends.


Nursing Care

Our team of nurses provides proper care based on patients’ medical condition.


Medical Care

Medical Assistant maybe provided based on patients condition during scheduled or routine visits.


Nutritional Care

Meal and food preparation maybe available during scheduled visitations.



Scheduled Visits by our Nurses, CHHA (Certified Home Health Assistance), Social Workers & Chaplin.



Personalized Care Plan Provided, Scheduled Medical Visits, Emergency Visits & More.



Various day to day supportive services maybe available depending on patients condition.

Complete Hospice Care

We provide complete Hospice Care ensuring that the highest quality of service is provided to a person approaching end-of-life.

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